Reggie Ezell: 26 Seeds — a year-long workshop in 2014

Reggie Ezell’s “26 Seeds” workshop, hosted by TCG in 2014 — Students’ Area (password access)

The Triangle Calligraphers’ Guild is excited to announce that we will be hosting Reggie Ezell’s workshop: “26 Seeds: A Year to Grow”.

We would like to invite all of our Calligrafriends to join us for this fabulous year-long workshop. Please note, space is limited to 20 seats which are open to all on a first come – first serve basis.

All interested in attending should visit Reggie Ezell’s webpage for more information regarding this yearlong workshop. Any questions should be directed to Jessica Yee, Workshop Coordinator.

Come and join us as we take this wonderful journey with Reggie and the Triangle Calligraphers Guild to learn and explore together.

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Our former president, Don King, on TV

Don King talks about his calligraphic life in this Tarheel Traveler Epsiode from August 21st, 2013.
Watch the video here:


Book of Kells free to view online

The Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland, made a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day gift to the world.
The Book of Kells can now be viewed online for free.

Click on the image! Enjoy!


Book of Kells


White Vine Illumination

Look at this nice White Vine Illumination and how vivid the colors still are after 900 years. You can also see the holes that were punched in with a stylus to mark where the baselines should be drawn.
Tuscany, 1150, New Testament, Parchment.
Perkins Library at Duke University, NC.

Sheila Waters commented on this:
“Interesting to see the Q tail going out to the left – the perfect answer. In this case it was done for an obvious reason. The O part is in a box, the text wraps around and there is no room for the tail. I think that a tail going to the left in other situations would look unfamiliar and a bit odd, so it depends on the overall design of the context.”


A Calligrapher Explains His Art.

A calligrapher explains his art:
Master type illustrator Seb Lester takes a step back 1,400 years. Interview and video can be found here.

or watch just the video below.


Edward Johnston’s Blackboards

Photographs of Edward Johnston’s blackboards at the Royal College of Art and Central School of Arts and Crafts, London.

A Calligraphic Journey

I came across this blog and couldn’t stop reading.
Tim Sokell is a graphic designer from Northumberland and decides to begin a Foundation Degree in Calligraphy with Design in London. In word and wonderful photos, he tells you about the class assignments in every detail. This is so worth looking at!

Scribe Johann Hering

‘Kalligraphische Schriftvorlagen’ (calligraphic writing styles) was produced in the 1620s in Germany by the scribe, Johann Hering.

Johann Hering



Art Graf Watercolor Graphite

Our wonderful Copperplate Teacher Jessica showed us a real treat during class.
Art Graf Watercolour Graphite. It is powdered graphite. Mix it with water and fill your dip pen with it.
It gives wonderful hairlines with the pointed pen, has a silver looking shine to it and here is the best – you can erase it.

To order it from Paper & Ink Arts, click on the image.


Art Graf Watercolour Graphite

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Tutorial for Dry Embossing

As a follow up to our Show & Tell about dry embossing last Saturday, have a look at this tutorial, how to create your own calligraphic stencils.