Upcoming Workshops

March 1-4, 2018, by Julian Waters.

At Our Spring 2018 Workshop we will spend four days with Julian Waters studying Beautiful Blackletter: From Textura to Fraktur. Julian describes this workshop as, “A very good grounding, not only in specific styles, but how things work together for consistency and to create style variations, with a lot of emphasis on spacing, and that helps with all other calligraphy.

We are so fortunate to be able to bring this renowned teacher to our area and work with him on these great classic hands. Whether you already love them or are just introducing them to your repertoire, this is a great opportunity! Look online for much more information about Julian and many examples of his beautiful work.

Contact at our regular meeting or by email for more information about these workshops.

Past Workshops

Sep 30/Oct 1, 2017, by Catherine Mauney Langsdorf, see blog post: YOUniquely Uncial.

February 2017, by Eliza Schulte Holliday, see blog post: Brush Duet: The Interplay of Edged & Pointed Brush.

Nov 5-6, 2016: Kathy Milici: “A Modern StoryBook Script” for more info on how to register, supply list, etc., see blog post:“A Modern StoryBook Script Workshop,” by Kathy Milici

Feb 27-28, 2016: Amity Parks: “A Sharp Pencil and a Keen Eye,” for more info, see blog post: “A Sharp Pencil and a Keen Eye, Graphite Techniques for Calligraphers,” by Amity Parks

Feb 20, 2016: Anne Cowie: “Paste Paper,” for more info, see blog post: Workshop by Anne Cowie: Paste Papers

Sept 26-27, 2015: Dan Mooney: Gilding Workshop, for more info, see blog post: “Illuminated Letter, Gilding Workshop”

Sept 13, 2014; Elizabeth Porcher Jones, for more info, see blog post: “Wedding Calligraphy: Finding Your Own Style”; Raleigh, NC, visiting from Charleston (2 pm – 5 pm, after introductory talk in monthly guild meeting)

Jan 18, 2014 – Nov 2, 2014; Year-Long Workshop by Reggie Ezell, “26 Seeds: A Year to Grow” for more info:“Year-Long Workshop by Reggie Ezell, “26 Seeds: A Year to Grow”; Raleigh, NC, visiting from Chicago