Julia Silbermann’s Drawing Class

Crosshatch, Stipple, Scribble
— Come Draw with Julia and Enhance Your Calligraphy
TCG program: January 9, 2016

Julia Silbermann

Julia Silbermann

This month, TCG member Julia Silbermann will present Drawing Fundamentals. Drawing was one of our members’ most requested topics in last year’s survey on program choices. So, for January’s meeting, we welcome TCG member Julia Silbermann to teach Drawing Fundamentals. Julia not only uses drawing skills to create her own calligraphic pieces, she is also a trained art teacher. Come to this month’s meeting and learn more techniques to help your work engage the eye, the mind and the spirit.

“For this class, it will be easiest to work with Microns or similar markers, as they are fast to use and no clean up is required,” Julia said. “But all the techniques shown can also be done with nib and ink. You decide whether you would like to use Microns or nib and ink, depending on your skill level.”

“Everyone can draw!” Julia said. “Come and get introduced to, or brush up on, different ink drawing techniques, such as crosshatching, stippling and scribbling, and how and when to use them in a drawing. We’ll also have step-by-step instructions for transforming a photo into a simple ink drawing. They make for great accents in your calligraphic works, in travel journals or seasonal greeting cards, and they can be colored using your favorite technique.”

Julia was trained as an art teacher at the Art Academy of the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz, Germany. During her studies she focused on lettering, drawing and bookmaking. Last spring, she won the 2015 Purchase Prize awarded by the Newberry Library of Chicago in connection with the Chicago Calligraphy Collective for her handwritten and illustrated book Dante’s Prayer.

Class Handouts (tips, step-by-step, how-to’s):

Line Types:

klee (flowers)

Inspirations (use photos to get ideas and transform into ink drawings):

How to make the bookplate, “Ex Libris” (“from the library of”):
how-to: kleexlibris










– Pencil, 2H or harder
– Eraser
– Microns, 005, 01, 03 AND/OR pointed nib with a rounded ball tip (Don’t have one? Julia has plenty to share.)
– Black, WATERPROOF ink
– Cleaning materials for your ink equipment (paper towels, water container…)
– Your favorite drawing paper, letter size or bigger (bring whatever you have)
– Scissors
– Stylus (if you have one, or everyone shares)
– 12″ metal ruler

Bring colored pencils, watercolors, brushes, whatever your favorite technique.

HOW TO ORDER Supplies for Delivery at the Meeting
To order supplies from John Neal Booksellers for free delivery at the meeting, call (336) 272-6139 by THURSDAY, January 7. You must mention Triangle Calligraphers’ Guild and tell them to include your order with the items that are being delivered for the TCG meeting on Saturday, January 9.