Calligraphy and the lettering arts enhance life with beauty, artistic satisfaction and useful skill, as well as delightful connections to art, literature, design, and other cultures. For more than 30 years, the Triangle Calligraphers’ Guild (TCG) has promoted the lettering arts here in the Triangle area and eastern North Carolina. Our members are calligraphers of all levels of interest and skill, from beginners and dabblers to part-time artists and full-time pros, and we all learn from each other.

First guild meeting this fall is on Sept 13, 2014!

The Triangle Calligraphers’ Guild is starting the 2014-2015 year of meetings off with a bang! Celebrating calligraphy and weddings! Come and join us as our guest speaker, Elizabeth Porcher, shares her experiences of serving Charleston as one of their premiere wedding calligraphers. The fun will continue with a separate afternoon workshop titled “Wedding Calligraphy: Finding Your Own Style.”
More about the meeting and workshop: Elizabeth Porcher: Weddings and Calligraphy

Guild Exhibitions

Third Triangle Calligraphers’ Guild Exhibition at Sunflowers Cafe in Raleigh, Sept 2 – Sept 30, 2014

An exhibit of calligraphic art by members of the Triangle Calligraphers’ Guild will be on view at Sunflowers Cafe in Raleigh, during September, 2014. Sunflowers Cafe is located at Eight West Peace Street. TCG thanks Sunflowers Cafe for the opportunity to exhibit in their unique venue once again!

2014-2015  Meeting Schedule

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2014-2015 Meeting Schedule