Upcoming Workshops

Nov 13-14, 2021, by Pat Blair, see blog post: Fundamental Flourishes

Past Workshops

Mar 6-7 2021, by Rachel Yallop, see blog post: Secrets of the Swelling Line and Yalloplate

Oct 24 2020, by Catherine Langsdorf, see blog post: Botanical Embellishments for Calligraphy

Mar 7-8 2020, by Julie Wildman, see blog post: Lively Letters

Nov 16-17 2019, by Dan Mooney, see blog post: Gilding the Lily.

Oct 5-6 2019, by Annie Cicale, for CLAS members, see blog post: Map Your Space.

Mar 1-4 2018, by Julian Waters, see blog post: Hear Julian Waters at NCSU

Sep 30/Oct 1 2017, by Catherine Mauney Langsdorf, see blog post: YOUniquely Uncial.

Feb 2017, by Eliza Schulte Holliday, see blog post: Brush Duet: The Interplay of Edged & Pointed Brush.

Nov 5-6, 2016: Kathy Milici: “A Modern StoryBook Script” for more info on how to register, supply list, etc., see blog post:“A Modern StoryBook Script Workshop,” by Kathy Milici

Feb 27-28, 2016: Amity Parks: “A Sharp Pencil and a Keen Eye,” for more info, see blog post: “A Sharp Pencil and a Keen Eye, Graphite Techniques for Calligraphers,” by Amity Parks

Feb 20, 2016: Anne Cowie: “Paste Paper,” for more info, see blog post: Workshop by Anne Cowie: Paste Papers

Sept 26-27, 2015: Dan Mooney: Gilding Workshop, for more info, see blog post: “Illuminated Letter, Gilding Workshop”

Sept 13, 2014; Elizabeth Porcher Jones, for more info, see blog post: “Wedding Calligraphy: Finding Your Own Style”; Raleigh, NC, visiting from Charleston (2 pm – 5 pm, after introductory talk in monthly guild meeting)

Jan 18, 2014 – Nov 2, 2014; Year-Long Workshop by Reggie Ezell, “26 Seeds: A Year to Grow” for more info:“Year-Long Workshop by Reggie Ezell, “26 Seeds: A Year to Grow”; Raleigh, NC, visiting from Chicago