Lively Letters 

with Julie Wildman

March 7 – 8, 2020

Level: Intermediate to Advanced (Knowledge of at least one or two calligraphic hands is suggested.) Contact us to register and send your $75 deposit (or $150 full fee), plus $15 materials fee.

The goal of this class is to get intermediate and advanced calligraphers to free up their lettering, and to tap into that playful, “dancing” part inside each person. From monoline to brush, traditional to funky, we will explore new ways to bring life to your lettering.

Using monoline tools, broad-edged nibs, pointed brushes, and unusual tools students will be led through a series of exercises that will focus not only on the lettering but on layout, composition, and the negative space that is created.

Principles of design will be used as we discuss where the next letter or word should go, what makes a pleasing composition, and where and when to apply color. We will work with black on white, white on black, walnut inks, watercolors, paint and gel pens, different papers, and create a variety of unusual tools to make great letters and marks. Prepare to loosen up and have a “wild” time!   To register, please email Harriet Davis at for information.

Watch her work in action – Carried Lyric Video – where Julie “brings the lyrics to life!”

For more examples of her award-winning design and lettering work, and to check out her calendar of workshops, visit Julie’s website:

Brush lettering samples by Julia Wildman

Brush lettering samples by Julia Wildman

merton - Brush lettering samples by Julia Wildman

Merton – Brush lettering by Julia Wildman


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  • Harriet Davis

    You can look under Resources, then Calligraphic Websites for a list of TCG members who are available for teaching and commissions.

  • Anabela Mendes

    I am looking for a calligraphy teacher for my 12 year old granddaughter. She is a beginner.