Making Signs the Trader Joe’s Way

Tim Zerkel, sign painter at Trader Joe’s TCG program: March 12, 2016

Tim Zerkel

Have you noticed the signs at Trader Joe’s? They’re engaging, colorful and creative! And they’re great for selling stuff! At the March 12 meeting, we’ll learn how Tim Zerkel and his fellow Trader Joe’s staff members create the bright […]

Our former president, Don King, on TV

Don King talks about his calligraphic life in this Tarheel Traveler Epsiode from August 21st, 2013. Watch the video here:


A Calligrapher Explains His Art.

A calligrapher explains his art: Master type illustrator Seb Lester takes a step back 1,400 years. Interview and video can be found here.

or watch just the video below.


A Calligraphic Journey

I came across this blog and couldn’t stop reading. Tim Sokell is a graphic designer from Northumberland and decides to begin a Foundation Degree in Calligraphy with Design in London. In word and wonderful photos, he tells you about the class assignments in every detail. This is so worth looking at!