YOUniquely Uncial

With Catherine Mauney Langsdorf
TCG 2-day Workshop Weekend:
September 30 and October 1, 2017

YOUniquely Uncial:

“The reason for this workshop is YOU!” says calligrapher and teacher Catherine Mauney Langsdorf. Enjoy two full days with this talented, accomplished and engaging scribe, learning to strengthen your marks and create stronger letterforms by taking personalized steps to enrich your calligraphic technique.

Catherine will work with each student to discover what is unique about their personal calligraphic style, sharing gleanings from her 30 years of study with master scribes. As a basis for study, the class will use the historical Roman Uncial hand, with Catherine calling on her experience for the best ways to help each student apply principles to create their own signature hand.

“Our eyes will guide our hand to create personal interpretations of this classical alphabet,” Catherine says. “We’ll study the letterforms using a pencil and a broad edge tool, further exploring the hand in pencil, pointed pen and pointed brush.”

An active calligrapher and teacher, Catherine is an eight-time winner of the Graceful Envelope Contest, including one Best of Show. She also creates designs for Crane & Co. Stationery.

A very small number of spaces remain in this workshop, which will be held at the N.C. State University Club in Raleigh. Lunches and snacks are included. Members, $125; nonmembers, $160. There will be a $5 supplies fee for materials Catherine will bring for the class.

A Note from Catherine:
“I want to challenge you NOT to bring all your stuff. Bring what you own. Buy a few things if you do not have something of a similar nature. Pack light.

With that said, the list below is what I will be bringing with me. If you do not have the exact thing, please bring what you are comfortable with in that same category. Items marked with * – optional, are things that I enjoy and like having along. If you own them, bring them along. If you do not have them yet, then it is your choice to purchase before class OR wait to see their results and decide if they are of interest to you.”

Supply List
(The numbers after some items are John Neal Booksellers product codes. This list can also be found at We will do a combined order with John Neal the week before the workshop to save on shipping. Call John Neal at 800-369-9598 to participate.)


  • Walnut Drawing Ink – Tom Norton (I53) or JNB crystals (S449)
  • Moon Palace Sumi ink (green spout with gold label) – 6 oz (I70)
  • *Dr. Ph. Martin’s Bleed Proof White – optional (I38)
  • *Richtone Sepia Ink Series – optional (I127)


  • Palomino Blackwing & Palomino Blackwing Pearl (PL11)
  • Derwent Graphic HB or 2B
  • Derwent Sketching Medium Wash 4B (S858) and a round water brush size 6 or 8 (FP93)
  • *Pentel Graphgear 500, .3 lead, B or HB – optional (PL21)
  • *White General’s Charcoal 558 – optional (PL27)


PENS for Saturday

  • Pilot Parallel Pen 3.8, Green Cap (FP67)- we will NOT be using the cartridges. Instead, we will be using Walnut or Richtone in an empty cartridge or dipping – will need an empty cartridge and the Monoject syringe, (S382)
  • Straight holder or Dual Use Workshop Holder, (H129)
  • Mitchell Nib, size 2 and 3, N04 $.85 with slip on reservoir, (N07)
  • *Kuretake Zig markers 5.0mm or 3.5mm, various colors – optional (M60)

PENS for Sunday

  • Oblique pen holder that works with your nib
  • Favorite pointed pen nib (or two) – I am not a big fan of the Nikko G type nibs but if they work for you great, just please don’t ask me to use it.
    1. Hiro Crown 41, (N82)
    *2. L Tomme-Lepoint, No 53, vintage (personal stash)

In your supply packet each person will be getting around 6 sheets of the Gilbert Bond and 6 sheets of the Canson XL. This will give you an opportunity to try these papers if you are not familiar with them. With that said, you will probably need only a few more sheets of a plain practice paper.

  • John Neal Practice Graph Paper, 11″ x 17″, 50 sheets, 24 lb., (P21)

And one of these plain practice types:

  • Canson XL Marker, 9″ x 12″, 18 lb, 100 sheet pads with purple cover
  • Canson Pro-Layout Marker, (P32)
  • *Gilbert Bond 25% cotton practice, (P69) or (P70) – optional


  • cheap, just a few sheets (P43)

Two sheets pre-torn into 4 sections should give you enough to work upon.

  • Arches Text Wove (PS01)
  • 90lb Hot Press Watercolor paper (PS42)
  • *Black paper – optional (P81)


  • ruler (S271)
  • art eraser (E13)
  • low-tack tape (S412)
  • paper towels or rags (S817)
  • tiny water containers (S844)
  • pencil sharpening tool (PL13)
  • dinky dips for ink (S934)
  • cutting tool (S417, S130)
  • things you like to take to workshops, a long text to write out as practice


If you usually work with your slant board and wish to bring it, do so. If you are comfortable working flat, that will be fine. I will be bringing my clear acrylic kitchen cutting board that has the overhang lip. I like to work relatively flat with my incline of about two inches higher at the top. This acrylic board also doubles as my light table by slipping a small plant light under the board. We will not be using it as a light table.