Workshop by Anne Cowie: Paste Papers

TCG afternoon workshop:
February 20 2016, 1pm – 5pm

About Anne Cowie, Artist and Calligrapher:
Anne Cowie lives in Belmont, NC. Her professional training has been in painting and calligraphy. She teaches regionally in the Carolinas, has been on the faculty of Camp Cheerio, and will be teaching at the next international calligraphy conference, A Show of Hands 2016, in Asheville. She is an active member of the Carolina Lettering Arts Society. Her undergraduate degree was in painting and drawing, and during the last thirty years she has studied calligraphy with John Stevens, Thomas Ingmire, Sheila and Julian Waters, Peter Thornton, and several other calligraphic artists. Her studio work also includes drawing, printmaking, handmade books, and various projects using hand-decorated papers.

Meeting: 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Workshop: 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. (info on how to register, below)

Fire, by Anne Cowie (paste and acrylic)

Fire, by Anne Cowie (paste and acrylic)

On Saturday, February 20, we will create beautiful paste papers with artist and calligrapher, Anne Cowie. If you find yourself longing for something more than plain paper to write on, you’ll find it here! In addition, paste papers have many other creative and functional uses.

Note: see below for Workshop Supply List, and for free delivery from John Neal Booksellers to the meeting, order by Thursday, February 18 and tell them it’s for TCG.

At our 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. meeting, Anne’s program will focus on paste paper fundamentals. In her workshop from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m., she’ll share more advanced techniques and applications. Attending both? You’re welcome to bring a bag lunch for the break.Anne is a renowned teacher, one you’ll want to say you’ve studied with. Even if you think you know all there is to know about paste paper, the nuggets of knowledge she shares could change how you think and work. At A Show of Hands – 2016 Calligraphy Conference, where she will be teaching this summer, the price of admission is $1500. Our workshop is an amazing deal at $30.

Register NOW for the workshop:
To put your name on the list, email Kerr Pelto at Then send your $30 check right away to Luann Bacchi. Your check must be received to confirm your place. Act now! Only 16 spaces are available, and eight members have already signed up.

What to Bring to the Program and Workshop
– Arches Text Wove* paper: 2 to 4 half-sheets (about 20″ x 25″). For the workshop, bring additional sheets, including larger sizes if you like. Anne will demonstrate on larger pieces. This is the only addition for the workshop.
– Acrylic paints. Anne will bring odds and ends, and anyone else with a “collection” is welcome to contribute. Optimum is two to four colors, plus white, but you can count on having some paint available at the meeting. “Golden” and “LiquiTex” brands preferred.
– Tools: A clean kitchen sponge to put water on paper. For making marks and designs, bring old credit cards, small sponges, combs, plastic forks or knives, etc. (Another reason to look online!)
– A pint-sized jar with a lid (to hold your “paste” and take it home), as well as a bit of change to chip in for the cost of paste.
– Two 1-cup covered containers with lids to hold mixed paste and paint. The Dollar Store are fine. The covered pint container, above, for holding paste doesn’t have to be glass, and two 1-cup containers would work as well as a 1-pint. (they might come in packages of 4.)
– Sponge brushes, (1″, 2″, 3″ or any combination), the inexpensive kind from Lowe’s, Home Depot, etc. She has some for us to use, but you may want to use your own and take them home. If some of us could bring our own, it would assure that we could have multiple brushes for the morning session.
– If you have a Masonite board, bring it. Anne will also bring some boards, so don’t worry if you can’t get one. (Reggie class members, you have these.) A Masonite board, sometimes called “bathroom board”, is hard board with one side made of white Formica. Lowe’s or Home Depot has them and will cut them to size (usually 18″ x 24″).

*On the John Neal Booksellers site, search “Arches Text Wove” to learn about paper sizes and grain.